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Covid19 Catch Up Premium


English Martyrs' Catholic Primary School Covid-19 Catch Up Premium




Children and young people across the country have experienced unprecedented disruption to their education as a result of coronavirus (COVID-19). Those from the most vulnerable and disadvantaged backgrounds will be among those hardest hit. The aggregate impact of lost time in education will be substantial, and the scale of our response must match the scale of the challenge.


We know that we have the professional knowledge and expertise in the education system to ensure that children and young people recover and get back on track. Returning to normal educational routines as quickly as possible will be critical to our national recovery.


The government has announced £1 billion of funding to support children and young people to catch up. This includes a one-off universal £650 million catch-up premium for the 2020 to 2021 academic year to ensure that schools have the support they need to help all pupils make up for lost teaching time.


The funding is allocated to schools based on the number of children who meet one (or more) of the following criteria: Coronavirus Premium Funding 2020-2021 In 2020-2021, English Martyrs’ allocation was calculated on a ‘per pupil’ basis, working on £80 per child within a mainstream school. It will be paid in 3 tranches across the academic year. Our School, based on 202 children on roll, has been allocated £16,160 for this academic year, the Autumn term payment being £4,100 with a further £5,327 to be allocated in the Spring term. 


Area of Support Intent % of Covid Catch Up Premium Amount of Covid Catch up Premium funding used
Teaching and Learning

Targeted, structured support can have a positive impact. When used appropriately to support specific pupils in small groups or through structured interventions, small Booster groups can be effective at improving attainment.

We are using a full time teacher to provide additional support to our Years 3 - 5 children in Reading, Phonics, Writing & Maths to ensure that during this academic year the children receive the very best in ‘First Quality’ teaching alongside regular class teaching.

(In addition, children in Y6 will have additional small group bespoke support from a part-time qualified teacher for Reading, Writing & Maths over the Academic Year (this will be supported through school budget)

85% £13,800

As a result of Lockdown and subsequent periods of self-isolation, children from all classes (Nursery – Year 6), especially the most vulnerable and disadvantaged, have experienced a lack of social collaboration and communicative skills. IN order to support them in re-building and maintaining trusting and lasting relationships with others and further develop these life skills, they will have access to work with our ELSA Team (Emotional Literacy Support Assistants) which consists of 3 members of specially trained Support Staff (2 for KS1 & 2, 1 for EYFS). This will help support children with their anxiety, worries and mental health needs.

The ELSA Team will also work alongside classroom staff, sharing and cascading information and support as needed.
49% Approx £8,000
Total 134%

£21,800 **


** Additional expenditure to come from School Budget and also PPG