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Please read with your child every day - enjoy books together and listen to them read - Oxford Owl  has lots of free online phonics books to share with your children. Also, remember to checkout the useful websites to support your learning, lots of these are offering free subscriptions.


"Trashion" Show

This week in school, the children are having a "Trashion Show."

They will be creating their own outfits from recyclable  materials such as plastic bottles and cardboard boxes. Will they make a dress? A suit? A cape? A hat? Who knows!

This will be finished off by our very own "English Martyrs' Cat Walk!"

What can you create? Send us pictures or videos of you and your creations to

We look forward to seeing them! :) 

Miss Walker


Sign Language Alphabet

"Fingerspelling" is a method of using hand signs to spell the letters of the alphabet. The fingerspelling alphabet is used in British Sign Language to spell out names of people and places for which there is not a sign or to spell words for signs that the signer does not know the sign for. 

Can you use the alphabet below and have a go at Fingerspelling your name? 


Marble Run

Whilst in school last week, Mrs Ridings and I set the children a challenge to make a marble run. 

Marble run 'Must Haves'

  • Start and Finish
  • Path
  • Arrows for direction
  • Tunnel
  • **Ultimate challenge: A SLIDE!**


I used a paper plate, straws, colouring pencils and sticky tape. I look forward to seeing your creations!! 

You know the drill, send them to





I have been thinking about our last topic that we never got to finish......DANCE!


I have been having a boogie all morning and dancing like we do in class! smiley


Today's challenge: Pick your favourite song, make up a dance or just have a boogie! It can be as long or as short as you want!


Let's get dancing!!


Don't forget send your videos to


Penny and I can't wait to see them!