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Some of your great work

Olivier has been doing some growing. I wonder if anyone can guess what he is growing? Email me your answers.

If you went to Mars you postcard may look like this! Great flower making Olivier!

Some great animals!

If you think you know about the Titanic.... try this?

A great bit of science with Acid and Alkali

Some great facts about the Titanic

Someone has been doing some serious baking!

Olivier and his ellipsis! Olivier has done some very interesting grammar.

Someone has been really busy... Now this is the sort of history I like to do! I just hope I have put the pictures in the correct order

Great to see more work coming in. Big shout to Olivier for some maths, and a stunning book review from Oliwia.

You lot have been busy producing some fabulous work!

Check out this amazing daily challenge!

Just some of the great work I have received over the last few days!

Julia sent me a picture of a mouse in the bath! I thought it was very strange until she sent me some interesting instructions about caring for a pet mouse!

Oliwia has been busy! I like how she has used crayon it works well for this fantastic picture of a Blue Tit.

Oliwia's bird feeder looks great! Let's hope her little lemon tree grows... fingers crossed!

Great challenge from Jakub and Zuzanna!