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The Curriculum at English Martyrs'

Our Curriculum

English Martyrs’ offers a broad and balanced curriculum which is in keeping with the National Curriculum and the Catholic nature of the school. Subjects are taught according to the National Curriculum programmes of study and Key Skills. Work is organised on a cross-curricular and thematic basis in all Key Stages in our school, from Nursery and Reception through to Year 6.


Statutory Guidance on the Primary National Curriculum can be found here.


Religious Education

As a Catholic School, we promote and teach the doctrine and philosophy of the Catholic Church. This will include participating in class/whole school Prayer & Liturgy each day and also attending school Masses and Liturgies.


We follow the `The Way, The Truth and The Life’, 'Caritas in Action' and 'Come and See' schemes of work which strive to ensure that the Christian values show themselves not only in the R.E. lessons but at all times.


Parents who wish their children to be prepared for the Sacraments of Reconciliation, Holy Communion and Confirmation follow a programme prepared by the parish.

Parents do have the right to withdraw their child from Prayer & Liturgy and Human Relationships and Sex Education (HRSE).


Human Relationships and Sex Education is integrated into the curriculum in such a way as to meet the needs of the children as they grow and develop. If children are to develop an appropriate attitude towards sex, sex education needs to be integrated into the rest of their learning. Our teachers are prepared and ready to answer specific questions which will arise from their work. Parents views will also be taken into account where possible if such a situation occurs. Separate lessons for sex education will not be the norm.


The National Curriculum

All pupils follow lessons in:







Design and Technology




Art and Design

Physical Education



Foreign Languages – Mandarin (Key Stage 2)





English Martyrs' Catholic Primary School Teaching and Learning and Assessment policies