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W/C 28th September 2020


Based on your spelling group (colour), you have been given your spellings on paper to practice at home. You must copy them five times each, using the Look, Say, Cover, Write and Check technique. It is important that you practice these Daily, so it helps you retain them.

You also have an activity to complete on purple mash '2Quiz'. You will find this in your 'ToDos'.

Please hand both in by Friday.


Times Tables

It is important to practice your times tables at home. You have been given a table to work on at school, based on your test. You can log onto TT Rockstars and practice these on garage mode. Also, it is important you practice on studio too. 3-5 minutes daily really helps you to remember them! You will be tested on Friday in a times table test.



Please read daily with an adult for up to 10 minutes. Please ask your adult to sign your reading diary and bring into school each day. You will display your reading diary on your desk first thing in a morning, so a member of staff can check. We will change your books and when and you will be reading a book at your own standard. It is important that you read every night.


My Maths

Addition and Subtraction written method. Remember what we have done in class this week. We have focused on using the column method. Remember exchanging and carrying over rules. Please hand in by Wednesday 7th October 2020.