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Year 5

Hello Year 5!


Miss Jeffrey is so proud of all the hard work you have done so far in the star area!


Work with an adult at home and practise what we have been learning :) 

This is a recap of what we have done so far: 








We have been discussing what SPaG stands for (spelling, punctuation and grammar) and have been focusing on particular elements. 





We have been practising using inverted commas (speech marks) correctly:

Miss Jeffrey asked "Can you pass me the rubber please?" 



Can you add the inverted commas to these sentences below?


When is it lunch time? questioned Lisa.

Sam sung happy birthday!

I'm hungry she complained.

He demanded let's go to the cinema. 

Hello! James called.






We have also been learning about modal verbs and what they are:  

Verbs that indicate the likelihood of something happening.



Could     Should      Must


Can you remember or research any more and use in a sentence?







We have been identifying pronouns

(words that take the place of a noun)


Some possessive pronouns: 

My     Mine     Our     Him     Her    Their   They  


Add a possessive pronoun to these sentences:

_____ hat fell off so she picked it up. 

______ were happy to be at home.

I brought ____ favourite coat to school.

Tom bought a book so it book belonged to ______. 




Some relative pronouns:

 Who    Which    When   Where    Whose



 Match the relative clauses to the main clauses:


  I have to wear a coat,            where we bought a plant.


 She is a kind girl,                   when it is cold outside.


We went to the garden centre,          who always shares.










We have been practising multiplying 2 numbers using grid method:


168 x 7 


 100     60    8



Can you use grid method to multiply these numbers?

179 x 8

163 x 6

194 x 9







We have also been practising the method of short division to divide a 3 digit number by a 1 digit number.


189 divided by 3

(draw the bus stop lines over the number and put the divisor at the side)



    3    1  8  9  



Remember, we have to see if the divisor (3)  will go into each digit. If the divisor doesn't go into the digit then we move it in front of the next digit.


So 3 doesn't go into 1 so we move the 1 to the 8 to make 18- 3 goes 6 times into 18. 3 goes 3 times into 9 so the answer is 63.



Can you use short division to complete these divisions?


164 divided by 4 

273 divided by 3

436 divided by 6