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Am I ready for school?

Am I ready for school?

Ensuring your child is ready for school can cause some confusion for parents, especially at this current time. Please be assured that whilst school is closed we are not expecting you to 'teach' your child in the same way we would phonics and maths. School readiness runs so much deeper than academic ability, and in fact what we wish to ensure is that the children have the smoothest transition into school possible. 


Below is a list of characteristics we would expect a child who is school ready to display;

*Independently use the toilet

*Is able to dress themselves

*Understand how we behave in school and are able to follow the rules

*Is able to turn take and share

*Have confidence to ask a grown up for something they want or need

*Can separate from their parents/carers at the door

*Can sit still for a short period of time, for example listening to a story. 


Children learn and develop at different rates so please don't worry if your child finds some of these tricky!