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Our School Values & Ethos


Values and Ethos of English Martyrs'Catholic Primary School


At English Martyrs’ Catholic Primary School we strive to be a caring, sharing and friendly school by treating every stakeholder as equals regardless of creed, background or social standing.


At English Martyrs’ Catholic Primary School we aim…


…to have Christ at the centre of English Martyrs’ Catholic Primary School family and all that we do.
…to establish close links between home, school and parish to provide the best for all the children.
…to treat every individual child as a unique and valued member of God’s family, so that respect for each other is centred on the Gospel values of justice, peace and forgiveness.
…to develop the talents of all pupils and prepare them for the changes, responsibilities and challenges of life.

… to ensure that every child matters and is encouraged to reach their full potential notwithstanding their individual economic circumstances


At English Martyrs’ Catholic Primary School we aim to provide an education which enables all children to reach their full potential through a broad, balanced and inclusive curriculum for all. We aim to do this…


…by planning and delivering an exciting and enriching curriculum including extra-curricular activities to ensure there is provision of a rich variety of learning opportunities.
…by providing work for the individual child with appropriate challenge and differentiation to meet the needs of all.
…by using assessment, marking and feedback to inform, develop and enhance future teaching and learning, tracking individual progress so that each and every child can reach their full potential.
…by providing professional development opportunities for all staff to develop.
…by having high expectations in all we do.


At English Martyrs’ Catholic Primary School we aim to nurture a sense of belonging…


…by developing our responsibilities as citizens in the local, national and global community.
…by giving children opportunities to develop understanding and tolerance of all faiths, creeds and cultures including their own.
…by developing positive links between all stakeholders including the wider community.
…by working with parents in their role as first educators.

The Legacy of English Martyrs' 


‘English Martyrs’ School is a loving, caring community. We have high expectations and our children make great progress. We embrace and celebrate our diverse intake and recognise each child’s individuality.

Our children belong to God’s family and our safe, nurtured and encouraged to achieve their full potential.’



‘At English Martyrs’ we are committed to learning, loving and living through our Catholic faith, following in the footsteps of Jesus Christ.

Our pupils are at the heart of our inclusive school, where children are able to grow individually, promote spirituality, encouraged to be creative learners and foster unique, mutual respect.’


‘English Martyrs’ provides a welcoming, safe, stimulating environment where each child reaches their full potential and becomes a positive member of our community.’



‘English Martyrs’ is a unique, supportive and inclusive family. Through a nurturing and creative environment, we encourage the spiritual and holistic development of every member in our community.

We are committed to offering a quality, stimulating and exciting curriculum which is accessible and diverse within a Catholic ethos.’



‘We are a family, all pieces of the same jigsaw, where we strive to ensure all children have the opportunity to achieve their full potential regardless of their background, faith, creed or lifestyle. We strive and are proud to promote faith, resilience, diversity, respect, manners, tolerance and positive self-image. We do this through our consistent high expectations and life enhancing range of experiences we offer to all.’