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Top Table 2018~ 2019

Headteacher's Award for 'Believing in yourself' chosen by Year 6 ~ 21.06.19

Headteacher's Award for 'Enthusiastic Readers ~ Reading EVERY day' chosen by Year 2 ~ 12.04.19

Headteacher’s Award for ‘Never giving up’ chosen by Year 3 ~ 05.04.19

Headteacher’s Award for ‘Always completing homework on time’ ~ Chosen by Year 4 ~ 29.03.19

Headteacher's Award 22.03.19 ~ chosen by Year 5 and Mr Bridge for 'Being a Super Scientist!'

Headteacher's Award chosen by Tabasom in Year 6 for 'Self-Motivation' Friday 15.03.19

Headteacher’s Award for Being Respectful ~ chosen by Year 1 ~ 15.02.19

Headteacher's Award for 'Presentation and Handwriting' chosen by Year 2 ~ 08.02.19

Headteacher's Award for Being Enthusiastic chosen by Year 3 ~ 01.02.19

Headteacher's Award for 'Going the extra mile!' Chosen by Year 6, 11.01.19 KS2 children enjoying lunch!

Headteacher’s Award for’Fantastic friendship’ chosen by Year 3 ~14.12.18

Headteacher’s Award for ‘Perfect progression’ chosen by Year 4 ~10.12.18

Headteacher's Award Monday 26th November chosen by Mrs Howarth for 'Being Brilliant'!

Headteacher's Award for 'Being a high flying historian' chosen by Jamaal in Year 6 ~ 16.11.18

See also 'Top Table'  further down the News and Events menu for previous awards!

Headteacher's Awards for 'Super Settling In' chosen by Year 6, 17.09.18 & 'Brilliant Behaviour' chosen by Year 4, 01.10.18

Headteacher's Award Friday 5th October ~ chosen by Year 3 for 'Being Resilient' well done all!

Head Teacher Award chosen by Year 5 for 'Being a fantastic friend!' 21.09.18