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Operation Encompass CEOP

Week Beginning 29th June 2020

Stick Insects!

We are very curious about our class stick insects.

Exciting news boys and girls! We have kindly been given some stick insects, which we will keep as our class pets! We have 4 Indian stick insects which if you would like to, and promise to be gentle, can hold! I find their walking very funny because they look like they are marching! At the moment they are only quite small but they will grow to be 8-10cm long. 


Below are some links to watch a stick insect walking through the jungle and some stories about stick insects that we can read together when we are back. I have all of these books ready and waiting!  


I wonder if you can think of some names for them? Can you write a name tag for them? Maybe you could even make a card or draw a picture to welcome them into our class. Don't forget to write your name on too so the stick insects know it is from you. 


I hope you are as excited as I am!

Stay safe, 

       Mrs Thomas 


Check out this stick insect walking through the jungle!

Good Trick, Walking Stick! by Sheri Mabry Bestor

'I Love You, Stick Insect' by Chris Naylor-Ballesteros

TWIG by Aura Parker

I wonder if you can collect some sticks on your walks this week? Sticks are a great object to count! How many have you found? I wonder who will collect the most in the class. Don't forget to touch each stick as you say the number, as this helps us count accurately. 

Can you count up to 20 tadpoles?