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Friday 26th February 2021

Dear Children, Parents, Carers, Staff & Governors,


I hope this finds you all safe and well, physically and emotionally and I hope you have all had a well-rested and safe half term break 😊


There has been much talk everywhere this week about the full re-opening of schools from Monday March 8th following the Prime Minister’s announcement on Monday evening. As I said in my Group Call text on Tuesday, I am working with Governors, Staff, the Local Authority and the Diocese to finalise plans for re-opening and will be sharing these with you early next week. However, the plans will not be very much different to how things were in the Autumn Term. I have nearly put together the Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs) which you have sent in and also mirrors those from September. Again, I will share these with you next week when they are finished.


In the meantime, please do not worry, as always, we would not re-open if we did not think it was safe and we will be doing everything possible to make sure it is!


So that staff have time to get classrooms ready for all children returning on the 8th March, we are changing the timetable for ALL children next week:


Thursday & Friday will both be Book Days! Activities will be set for children at home and also those in school in the Rainbow Pods based around books and book themes for the classes. The work completed for these online can be uploaded as usual on Purple Mash. Work completed on paper should be brought back into school on Monday 8th March. However, staff WILL NOT be marking the work (either online or on paper) until after Monday 8th March. This way we can continue to provide learning whilst giving staff time to make sure everything is ready for your children on their return.


On Book Days we will be having different stories being uploaded to the school website and shared via our Social Media platforms throughout the day! If any children would like to record a story for me to upload, please email it in as an mp4 clip and I will upload for you (please be aware of safeguarding and names).


We are hoping after Easter we can resume theme days and weeks. We will be continuing some of our successes from Remote Learning such as weekly recorded assemblies, Liturgies and also our recorded PowerPoints for key teaching support. I will be sharing more information about all these after Easter.


We will also be having our annual Easter Competitions this year in school. At the moment, I am not sure about Easter Bingo, but hopefully we can have something chocolate related!


Last week marked the start of Lent. We would normally encourage our children to ‘Give something up’ in Lent, however, we have all had to give up so very much the last 12 months, so instead, let’s give up time for others and also give time to ourselves to be kind, to be caring, to be you. Pope Francis speaks wise words:


Take care this week, stay safe, be kind and we cannot wait to welcome everyone back together once more!

Thank you as always for your never ending support, patience and kindness, Mrs H 😊 🌈


Our Shining Stars this week…

…For Caring 😊


Nursery ~ Omar

Reception ~ Abisha

Year 1 ~ Meadow

Year 2 ~ Alexis

Year 3 ~ Ziggy

Year 4 ~ Jessica

Year 5 ~ Krista

Year 6 ~ Ola


‘Alone we can do little, together we can do so much’

Chinese Proverb

Mrs H's Weekly Challenge 23rd February 2021


This week's challenge is a double one! Next Thursday, 4th March, is World Book Day. We can't be together as a whole school, but we still want to celebrate. We can't be altogether dressed up, but we can be at home and with pictures and photos! A practical, hopefully fun, challenge for you all....


1. Decorate and make your favourite book character using...a potato! A large baking potato might be best for this depending on your character. You can make it as flamboyant and fancy as you wish!


2. Dress up as your favourite book character if you can, or just wear your normal clothes and take a selfie (or ask a family member to take your photo) of you and your favourite book.


Don't forget to send your pictures in by email to me


Enjoy making, reading and dressing up!


Mrs H 😊

Some potato ideas!


Friday 12th February 2021


Dear Children, Parents, Carers, Staff & Governors,


I hope this finds you all safe and well, physically and emotionally 😊


What a great, if very, very chilly, week we have had here in school and home!


I wrote at Christmas that it had been possibly one of the longest half terms, however, I think this is a contender too, I am sure you will all agree!


I would like to express my total respect and thanks to ALL of you for all your support, understanding, patience, care, friendship and laughter over the last 6 weeks. It certainly seems a very long time ago since I sent ‘that’ text on Monday 4th January. What a lot has happened and what a lot we have all accomplished, whether it is setting up WiFi codes and additional data, new food vouchers, mini classrooms in different rooms and work areas within the family home. We have ALL played an important part to make sure that even apart and in different locations, we are still together as one school family. Thank you!


Everyone has worked extremely hard: Mr Green who has got into school every day at ridiculous o’clock to clean, disinfect, sanitise and empty bins; all the support staff who are in school throughout the week working in the Rainbow Pod Bubbles and when they aren’t, they are working from home; teaching staff who are in school each and every day preparing online lessons, marking and making check in calls; Mrs Hewitson and Mrs Thompson who cook every day for EVERY child, free of charge, catering for all diets and tastes; Mrs Gardner and Mrs Galka who have worked tirelessly in the office, doing finances, registers, new starter packs and raft of other things too! YOU, our parents and carers have also worked extremely hard, keeping in touch, keeping your children safe, helping and supporting your children in their learning, doing what is best for them. And especially our children, whether they are in our Rainbow Pods or are our Stay at Home Heroes, Amazingness has been shown every single day, without fail! Happy smiles collecting work packs, sending work in on Purple Mash and email with a cheery note to staff and big grins and hellos from the pods each day, and dedication and hard work throughout. Thank you!.

I certainly feel blessed and extremely lucky (odd phrase considering the times we are in!), however, the smiles, the support, the dedication, the care from EVERYONE has made an immensely tense, uncertain, stressful time easier and smooth to lead.


What an amazing team we ALL are TOGETHER!


Today we ‘finish’ for half term. Over half term, school will be closed for everyone, this is a directive from the Government. However, as at Christmas, please contact me by email if you or anyone in your family test positive, especially if you have been in one of our Rainbow Pods. I have to continue the NHS Track and Trace for school over the break. Thank you!


We WILL NOT be setting any type of work for any of the children. Rather we are asking ALL of you to relax, have quality family time, read a book, watch a film, paint a picture, go for walks in your neighbourhood, keep healthy and recharge! I think we ALL need this at the moment!


In preparation for next half term and World Book Day on Thursday 4th March, we will OF COURSE still be celebrating it! Class staff will be in touch the themes!


Have a great week, remember to keep to your own household or support bubble, don’t mix, stay safe and be kind to each other and we will ‘see’ you on Tuesday 23rd February!


Mrs H 😊 🌈


Our Shining Stars this week…

…For Commitment to Remote Learning! 😊


Nursery ~ Nelly & Toby

Reception ~ Sienna

Year 1 ~ Aurora

Year 2 ~ Sadia

Year 3 ~ Safa

Year 4 ~ Waqas

Year 5 ~ Waiel

Year 6 ~ Szymon


‘The deep roots never doubt spring will come’

Marty Rubin (Author)