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Operation Encompass CEOP

Who's Who


Mrs A. Howarth ~ Headteacher, DSL, Holistic Curriculum Team Lead, Assessment Lead, KS1 Lead, SENDCo for KS2 and Inclusion Manager      


Mrs V. Thomas ~ Nursery Teacher ~ Holistic Curriculum Team ~ SLT ~ SENDCo for EYFS & KS1 ~ EYFS Lead ~ Back up DSL


Miss H. Walker Reception Teacher ~ Humanities Curriculum Team


Miss V. Andrews  ~ Year 1 Teacher ~ Humanities Curriculum Team


Mrs S. Ridings ~ Year 2 Teacher ~ STEAM Curriculum Team


Mrs S. SworeΕ„ ~ Year 3 Teacher ~ STEAM Curriculum Team


Mrs L. Savery ~ Year 4 Teacher ~  Holistic Curriculum Team


Miss M. Jeffery ~ KS1 & LKS2 Intervention and Booster Teacher ~  Holistic Curriculum Team


Mr W. Bridge ~ Year 5 Teacher ~ Assistant Headteacher, LKS2 Lead ~ STEAM Curriculum Team Lead


Miss A. Jones ~ Year 5 Supply Teacher ~ STEAM Curriculum Teams


Mrs. J. Jackson~ Year 6 Teacher ~ SLT ~ UKS2 Lead ~ Humanities Team Lead ~ Back up DSL


Mrs. W. Grimes ~ Year 6 Booster Teacher






Mrs. J. Gardner ~ Secretary/ Rainbows Facilitator

Mrs. I. Galka ~ Office Clerk/TA

Mrs. T. Howson ~ T.A./PPA Cover/Rainbows Facilitator

Mrs. English ~ T.A. and EMA Support

Miss J. Roach ~ T.A./Welfare Assistant

Mrs. S. Holderness ~ T.A. /Welfare Assistant

Mrs. N. Polli ~ T.A./Welfare Assistant/Breakfast Club/Rainbows Facilitator

Mrs. E. Kenny ~ T.A. /Breakfast Club/After School Club

Mrs A. Hewitson ~ ELSA T.A./Breakfast Club/After School Club/ Nurture Support ~ Back up DSL

Mrs. D. Heyes ~ T.A. 

Mrs. E. Turner ~ T.A. /PPA Cover 

Miss L. Gillett ~ T.A./ Rainbows Co-ordinator

Mrs. Y. Thompson ~ ELSA T.A. /PPA Cover/Welfare Assistant/ Behaviour and Attendance Mentor/ Nurture Lead/Rainbows Facilitator ~ Back up DSL

Miss V. Hankin ~ T.A./Welfare Assistant/After School Club Manager/Breakfast Club Manager

Miss R. Ironfield ~ T.A 

Mrs V. Kisela ~ T.A.

Miss N. Patel ~ T.A. 

Mr M. LeLuan ~ T.A.

Mrs D. Wadeson ~ T.A.

Miss J. McMoran ~ T.A.

Mrs N. Talati ~ T.A.


Mr. S. Green ~ Site Supervisor

Mrs. S. Sumner ~ Cleaner/Welfare Assistant