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Welcome to the Daily Mile @EM!


Mrs Howarth is very passionate about running and indeed goes for a run most mornings. The benefits are fantastic, it clears your head, gives you time to think, gives you time to not be interrupted and keeps you fit and ready for day to day life. Here in school, as part of our ongoing pledge to keep healthy, we have signed up to ‘The Daily Mile’. This is a global initiative which works with Sport England.


The idea is to get children up, out and active, running or jogging for 15 minutes 3 times a week during school time.


Our pledge to keep children healthy and active fully supports this initiative and we are starting it here in school by completing ‘The Daily Mile’ around our school playground as classes. Each class will complete it when it is best for them and their classroom staff. There is no pressure! Nor is there the need to rush out and buy special trainers!


The beauty of ‘The Daily Mile’ is that the children can go out in all weathers (as we often say, they won’t melt in the rain!), they don’t need to get changed, they can wear their usual school uniform and it isn’t a race, so they can run at their own pace, at their own distance. We hope that over the months, not only their fitness levels will increase, but also their stamina for running.


The impact of The Daily Mile on health and well-being is terrific. Statistics have shown that as a result, children become less anxious and are happier, they become better focused and can concentrate in class more, it can be a sociable experience for them with no barriers and develops greater resilience and determination whilst promoting the idea of self-care. All children can take part, regardless of their needs as they run at their own pace.


If your child shows they are really enjoying running, why not take them down to Avenham Park on a Saturday morning for the Junior Park Run, a great event that gets them going (you never know, you could try it too!)


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