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Year 4's wall of fame

for your amazing work you have been doing at home! 


Keep emailing me at and send me any work that you are proud of (writing, maths, drawing, crafts, making, dancing, yoga, playing...anything you want! ) 


Waiel's ideal pet!
Awais' cool circuit diagram!
Awais' lovely 'Look after our world!' poster
Awais' ideal pet!
Wow, look what Zack wants to be when he grows up!
Zack's beautiful rainbow made from random objects!
Lilian's wonderful presentation about teachers!

Link to Lilian's video is:

Awais' amazing fact file on the River Nile!
Samir's super senses!
Zack's incredible creature!
Zack's Crazy Class Fire Zoo chapter!
Zack's kitchen utensil creation!