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Monday 13th July 


Hello Year 4! 


It is your final week of this school year and even though we should be having some fun together this week in school, I think it will be nice for us to remember all our fun memories we have had in Year 4! 

Some of mine include: 

-Our first week together where we designed our jigsaw pieces and wrote acrostic poems for our names 

-Our Egyptian topic when we wrote some hieroglyphics and made pyramids

-Outdoor learning day where we got a bit drenched but had lots of fun with leaves and the fire pit

-Our Great Plague topic when we role played a London Street in class 

-Swinging Sixties day when we learnt new dance moves and about mods and rockers!

-YOGA with Danielle 


The list could go on because we have had so many fun times and you've all done AMAZING work this year! Every one of you should be so proud of this school year because you have learnt so much and been wonderful individuals. 


This week I think it will nice for you to have a think about all our amazing times in Year 4 (before lock down) and make a  Year 4 memoir  to record your memories.


Write about: 

-Who your best friends are and what makes them great friends (you could draw pictures too)

-What subject/lessons you have enjoyed the most this year and why (you might have a few) 

-You favourite lunch time and play time memories (with your friends or adults) 

-Your favourite book that we have read in class this year and why (see if you can remember them all)

-Your funniest memory in school where you laughed a lot (I can think of a few funny ones) 


I miss you all and cannot wait to see you again soon. I would love to see your memoirs so please send me a photo of them to our email: 


Take care guys and I am still available to email over summer if you want to chat or ask me anything! 


From Miss Jeffrey :) 







Monday 6th July 


Hello everyone! 


There are only two weeks left until it would have been our summer holidays and I know this year hasn't turned out the way we all thought it would do but you should all be extremely proud of yourselves and all your hard work you've been doing at home. I can't wait to see you all again in September and even though I won't be your teacher next year, I will still be around if you ever want to talk or just say hi! Stay positive guys, you're all SUPER. 


This week's work explained: 


Grammar and Spellings: 

Purple Mash- Story gaps and Summer 2 Week 5 Day 2 Spellings 



MyMaths- Plotting and identifying coordinates 



Purple Mash- Write a Kenning's poem about your experiences in lock down. You can complete it using the template on purple mash or in your exercise book. We did a Kenning's poem on our swinging sixties day if you remember (rocking rockers, funky dancing, cool clothing). 



In the story of Noah's ark, God was upset with how bad people had been treating the world and each other. Design a poster of 'Dos' and 'Don'ts' for how to treat our world and also each other. 



BBC Bitesize- Electrical symbols

Follow this link: 

1. Watch the video and complete the match up activity

2. Draw a circuit in your book and label the symbols. 


Well done again for your hard work these past 3 months. You are AMAZING. Have a lovely week and if you ever want to email me (even just to say hi or tell me what you have been up to at home) then I would love that. Our class email:


Take care guys

From Miss Jeffrey :) 







Monday 29th June 


Bonjour everyone! 


It is the second week of having some children back in school! Last week went really well for the reception kids so some Year 1 pupils will be in this week. We had to wash our hands frequently, keep our distance when playing and do lots of cleaning BUT we all still had fun. I hope you are all still staying positive and having fun at home. Another BIG well done to those who are completing all their home learning tasks. Please do try to send me your work from your exercise book to:


This week's work explained:


Grammar and Spellings: 

Purple Mash- Positive emotion meanings and Summer 2 Week 5 Spellings 



Times Table Rock Stars- Have a good go on Garage, Studio and Sound check to test your times tables speed! (Challenge me to a Rock Slam too!) 



Purple Mash- Make a persuasive leaflet to persuade people to come to your theme park! You can use the purple mash template OR do it in your exercise book. Tell me: the name, about the rides/attractions, food places, costs and why they should visit. You can even draw one of your rides to put on the leaflet. 



Noah built his ark for him and his family to stay safe and for all the animals. Design your own ark (boat) and show who you would bring with you. Can you tell me why you would bring each person? What makes them a good person? 



BBC Bitesize- Conductors and Insulators.

Follow this link:

1. Watch the video and complete the activity. 

2. In your book, explain the difference between conductors and insulators. You could include diagrams too. 


Keep going guys! As I have said before, I am so proud of you all because I know you will all just be getting on and making the best out the situation. I can't wait to see you all and even though it might still be a while, we WILL all be back together eventually! 


Stay positive :) 

From Miss Jeffrey 






Monday 22nd June


Nǐ hǎo everyone!


It's the first day back today for some reception children! Miss Walker and I are in the reception classroom and we have set it up with some fun 'social distanced' activities. It has been 13 weeks now since we were all in school together but don't worry because I will still be around when you all come back to school! I can't wait to see you all! :) 


This week's work explained: 


Grammar and spellings: 

Purple Mash- Avoiding nice and Summer 2 Week 4 spellings 



MyMaths- Finding fractions of amounts (draw them out in your book to help) 



Purple Mash- Write instructions for how to make your favourite sandwich. Remember to be very specific with your steps and to explain exactly how to make it. Don't just say 'Put some bread on a plate'. Say something like 'First go into a cupboard and get a large plate to put on the counter'. You can complete it on Purple Mash OR just write it up in your exercise book. 



As we know, a rainbow is a symbol for hope. God put a beautiful rainbow in the sky after the flood so that Noah and his family knew that they could now go live their lives in peace. 

Draw a rainbow in your exercise book and for each coloured strand, write something that you are hoping for in the future. Here is an example of one: 




BBC Bitesize

1. Watch the video and complete the match up task. 

2. Find and write down what electrical appliances you have in your house that make: light, sound, movement and heat. Make a table in your book and find as many as you can for each heading. Be safe and do not touch or mess with any appliances. 


I hope you enjoy this week's work and I would love to hear how you are all doing at home! I am just an email away: 


Take care guys

From Miss Jeffrey :) 






Monday 15th June 


Hola everyone! 


Half way through June wow! Hopefully we are all getting used to our new routines at home now and still managing to do some super fun things. A BIG well done to everyone completing their home learning tasks. Please do try to complete any tasks that I have set on Purple Mash and MyMaths and send me some photos :) 


This week's work explained: 


Grammar and Spellings:

Purple Mash- Avoiding Said and Summer 2 Week 3 Spellings 



MyMaths- Equivalent fractions using shading on fraction strips 

Watch this video to recap: 



You are going to describe your ideal pet (it can be a real or imaginary animal). Tell me all about: its features, its colours, its fur/skin, the way it moves, the sounds it makes and of course its name! Find some really awesome adjectives using an online thesaurus! You can draw it too if you want but please send me a photo of your work: 



God made this beautiful world for us all to live in and because humans didn't treat it properly he caused a flood. Noah was a good man who looked after the Earth. Think about the ways that YOU can look after the could use google to get inspiration and talk to your family.

Design a poster to show how you and others should look after our world. 



Circuits! Watch this video: to learn about what a circuit is and the components (things) that make up a circuit. 

Purple Mash- Describe the circuit components and use the internet to find the 'symbols' (diagrams) for each component. Can you draw a circuit in your book and label just like the one from the video? 


I hope you enjoy this week's activities and well done guys for all your hard work that you are doing at home! 


Take care everyone, miss you all so much! 

From Miss Jeffrey :) 






Monday 8th June 


Hello everyone! 


I hope you have all had a lovely week, despite the weather being a bit temperamental!  

If you did not complete last week's activities, please try to complete them. Most are on Purple Mash and don't forget about MyMaths. 


Grammar and Spellings:

Purple Mash- Dangerous animal adjectives and Summer 2 Week 2 Spellings 



MyMaths- Equivalent fractions (Watch this video to help recap: ) 


English and RE: 

1. Write a letter to your past self to give just before lock down had started. Let yourself know what fun things you have done at home and how you have felt during lock down- ups and downs. 

2. Write a letter to Noah to give to him whilst he was on the ark. What would you say to him to give him hope and reassurance that everything will be OK?

(Watch this video to remind yourself of the story



1. Purple Mash- Electrical or not? Sort the items. 

2. Go on a hunt around your house and find what electrical things you have and write them in your work book. Be safe and do not touch or mess with any appliances. 


I hope you enjoy this week's work and please do send me some pictures of your work if you can to our class email :) 


Miss you guys! 

From Miss Jeffrey :) 






Monday 1st June


Buongiorno everyone! 


So, we are in the last half term of Year 4 and although we aren't together in our classroom, you can still continue to do amazing learning at home! I would love all of you to send me some photos of your work in your exercise book of all your wonderful writing. 

Our email:


From now on, I will be explaining each week's work on here so you can clearly understand what I expect you to do. You have all week so you could fit in one activity a day! 


Grammar and Spellings:

Purple Mash- Story Gaps (Identifying word classes) and Summer 2 Week 1 Spellings  



MyMaths- Complete activities set and visit Maths Frame fraction games 


English and RE:

Watch video on Noah's ark and God's Rainbow promise: 

Just Like Noah and his family, we are stuck inside our own ark with our families during lockdown. Have a think about what promises you want to make and how you will keep them up. Write an acrostic poem for the word RAINBOW and for each letter, write a sentence explaining something you want to do for yourself or someone else after lockdown. Write in your exercise book and send Miss Jeffrey a photo. 



Purple Mash- Write up your experiment to test how well 5 different objects float in water. Use the template on purple mash but write up in your books. Draw a diagram or send Miss Jeffrey a photo of your experiment and the objects you choose to test. Remember to make a prediction before you test. 


Just because we are at home, doesn't mean we can't do some amazing learning! I hope you have fun completing this week's activities and I would love to see your work. 


I miss you all! Stay safe and keep smiling! 

From Miss Jeffrey :) 






Monday 25th May 


Good morning Year 4!


The weather is forecast to be beautiful this week so I hope you all have some lovely walks and chill times outside! 


Well done again to those SUPER STARS who have been completing the home learning tasks I have been setting on Purple Mash and MyMaths! 






Please continue to check your accounts every week for new activities. I am so proud of you all!


Remember, I am just an email away if you want to have a chat or ask any questions! I would LOVE to hear from you all and what you have been up to:


Get in touch guys! 


From Miss Jeffrey :) 






Monday 18th May 


Hola everyone, 


How are you all? I would love to hear how you are and what you have been up to. Remember you can email me just for a chat or to ask questions or to tell me all the fun things you have been doing (just ask an adult if you can use their email address). Our class email is:


This past week, there hasn't been as many of you completing Purple Mash and MyMaths but WELL DONE to these superstars for completing their tasks for:







If you have completed the tasks that I have set, there are more fun activities for every subject on purple mash that I would like you to look at. Start on week 1, use this link below or just look on your home page for 'weekly activities' at the featured section. 


Come on guys you can do it! These activities are to help YOU and to keep your brain working hard so you don't forget all the amazing work you have done this year! 


I miss you all very much so please let me know how you are getting on at home! 


From Miss Jeffrey :) 







Monday 11th May 


Hello everyone! 


Well done for getting through another week of being at home. I am so proud of you all and just know that all your friends and teachers are missing you so much.


However, it will still be a bit longer until we are back to normal but I know you will continue to be brave and patient. Have hope and be positive, we will get thought this. 


Anyway, a big WELL DONE to all these amazing pupils who have been completing their online work this past week for:


Purple Mash: 






I am thrilled to see more of you completing the activities to help you recap what we have learnt this year. These activities are great for letting you and myself know what we need more practice on :)


Keep checking your accounts and even try these short, interesting activities on purple mash for more fun home learning:


Keep smiling and enjoying all this time with your families! 


From Miss Jeffrey :) 







Monday 4th May


Guten Morgen everyone! 


Another week has passed and we are closer to getting back to normal and seeing all our friends again! 


A big WELL DONE to these amazing pupils who have been completing their online work for:


Purple Mash: AWAIS and ZACK,




Please check your PURPLE MASH and MYMATHS accounts and complete tasks that I have set. These short activities will help keep your brains challenged and up to date with what you have already learnt (we don't want you forgetting all the hard work you have done this year). 


Keep smiling and stay positive! 


From Miss Jeffrey :) 







Monday 27th April 


Good morning everyone! 


Thank you to those who have completed some Purple Mash 2dos and also a big WELL DONE to Awais for all his hard work on the weekly activities on Purple Mash last week. 


I am still yet to see a lot of you complete the Purple Mash 2dos so please have a look on your account and give them a go. 


Again, there are also weekly activities for 7-9 year olds on Purple Mash that I would like you to have a look at, see if you can complete some each day. 

Copy this link to access: 


I'm missing seeing all your happy, smiley faces and having lots of laughs with you all. Stay safe guys and I would love to hear from more of you about your time at home and how you are doing.


Message me on purple mash after you do an activity or via our class email:


Keep smiling, we will get through this!  


From Miss Jeffrey :) 





Monday 20th April 


Hello everyone! 


Just an update on your home learning. Everything you need to continue learning at home is on PURPLE MASH.


Use this link to access the activities for each week (Year 4 is 7-9)


There are activities you can work through for:


-Spelling (Summer 1) 





So....5 fun and straightforward activities to keep your super brains working every day. You can do it! Email or send me a reply on purple mash whenever you want :) 


Missing you all so much and hoping you are all doing OK. Remember, I am still here for you all. 


From Miss Jeffrey :) 





Tuesday 14th April 


Bonjour everyone! 


I hope you have all had a lovely Easter weekend. Maybe eating lots of chocolate, playing with your families and sunbathing in the warm sun. Miss Jeffrey was silly and did not put sun cream on her arms and they burnt oops! I am going to try spend some time outside every day (unless its raining) as it can be very boring stuck inside can't it!


Here is a list of some things I used to love doing outside in my garden when I was your age:


-Bringing my toys out and taking them on an adventure

-Having a picnic lunch outside on a blanket or towel

-Playing don't drop the ball with my brother (see if you can get more than 10!)

-Bring paper and pencils outside and draw some nature 

-Make an obstacle course using random things and race my brother 

-Find as many different bugs as we could (Use a magnifying glass if you have one) 

-Practicing doing handstands, cartwheels and roly-polys 


If you come up with some other fun things to do outside, email me and let me know and I can add to the list for everyone. 


Have fun guys, missing you all! 


From Miss Jeffrey :) 





Wednesday 8th April 





Can you design your own story characters to use in a 'puppet show'? 


1. Make up a brand new story plot or use the ideas from stories you've written in class. 

2. Draw and colour your characters on paper, felt, card... (you could even have a go on Scratch) 

3. Cut your characters out and choose or make a background for them (you could design your own or use somewhere inside your house or in your garden) 

4. Perform your story in front of your family (or just yourself)

5. Take some pictures and send them to Miss Jeffrey (  


Good luck, I cannot wait to see them! 


From Miss Jeffrey :) 




Tuesday 7th April


Hello all you amazing boys and girls! 


I have recently updated our class page to explain about our class email where you can send me messages and photos of your amazing home learning. Also I will be posting a new weekly challenge tomorrow and I would love to see your work. 


I am here if you need any help or just want to message! I will also set some purple mash and my maths to keep your super brains working. 


I hope you are all staying positive and doing things you love. Miss Jeffrey has been doing yoga every day and reading Harry Potter! I heard there is actually Harry Potter yoga which I will check out today! Try using technology to help you discover new, sport, puzzles, art, crafts (Mrs Sworen taught me crochet last week!) 


Stay safe and happy, remember I am just an email away. 


From Miss Jeffrey :)