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Mathematics at English Martyrs'


Curriculum Intent for Maths at English Martyrs’ Catholic Primary School


Within our curriculum, we ensure all children are prepared for life, with the skills they need to achieve, aspire and accomplish both academically, emotionally, spiritually and creatively, regardless of their faith, creed or race; meeting every child’s potential and their needs. At English Martyrs’ this includes meeting the needs of a very mixed community representing a broad range of faiths, ethnicities, creeds and socio-economic circumstances: a significant proportion of children with high needs and are disadvantaged; children living in high social deprivation, asylum seekers, vulnerable children and families who seek security and safety in our school family.

Our intent is for learning without barriers so that all children can succeed.


Our Intent is to meet these needs by...


…providing exciting opportunities for children to explore their mathematical talents.
…provide the cultural capital needed so that children are well placed for future positive outcomes.

…providing all children with bespoke and tailored teaching to ensure their mathematical needs are met regardless of starting point.

…developing children’s early Maths skills from the outset.

…giving opportunities to use Mathematics across the curriculum at all stages and phases.

…providing a Maths rich learning environment which influences, entices and encourages children of all abilities to thrive.

…providing bespoke support for children who have additional needs in Mathematics.

…providing challenge for all so that all children have the opportunity to reach their potential.

…providing opportunities to share knowledge, skill and understanding of basic mathematical concepts with others.

…providing a variety of mediums to explore Mathematics, including Digital Technologies.

…providing tailored support for children at all standards in developing their Mathematical reasoning and understanding so that they can thrive.

…providing a range of opportunities for children to experience Mathematics in the living world.

…providing all children with a bespoke and tailored curriculum to meet their individual needs, including in Blended Learning.

English Martyrs' Mathematics Policy