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Summer 2 Week 7 13/07-17/07


End of Year Reflections

Write a message, make a video or draw a picture to remember your best times in Year 3.

Send them to me this week if you would like to share them with your friends on our class page.

You could talk or write about things you've learnt, your best friends, favourite subjects,  funniest moments, the thing you’re most proud of, it can be anything you remember from your time in Year 3.



  • Read and Respond daily activities on Purple Mash.  Our final week is Film Week! Enjoy learning about The Story of Lego, writing poetry and making posters.

See the newsletter on how to find it or click the link below.

  • Summer 2 Week 6 Spellings on Purple Mash
  • SPAG focus: Grammar Vocab Quiz! (Purple Mash)

Books to Enjoy this Summer

Thank you for all your amazing book reviews. Read your friend's book reviews in our class galleries and make a 'To Read' list for this Summer of all the books you want to read. Let's share our reading lists.



BBC Bitesize- This week focuses on measures and statistics.

Click the link below to see the daily slideshows and worksheets from BBC Bitesize. You can check out White Rose Maths for home learning videos too.  

As usual, don't worry if you can't print off the worksheets. Write your answers in your exercise book.

MyMaths- I've also an activity on MyMaths for you to do this week. It focuses on interpreting data.


TTRS- Challenge me and your friends to a final TTRS RockSlam!! laugh


This term our new Whole School theme is God's Promise and Covenant of a better, happier world with the symbol of the Rainbow.

Please work through the activities in the PDF (below) at your own pace this half term.


This week:

  • Reflection- What is important to you- family, friends, God, school, the environment, pets, caring for those less fortunate?  Create a song, poem, film, poster or artwork to show all the things you care about.
  • CAFOD- This week is all about speaking up for what you care about.


Try a few 10-minute film themed shake ups each day. There's the Lion King, Frozen and Toy Story 4. I loved doing Simba's Mighty Roar Jumps this weekend! 


BBC Bitesize Daily Lessons
A great website with activities for English, Maths and a foundation subject every weekday.

This week's timetable is available at

or daily on BBC Red Button from 9am to 11am, and again on BBC iPlayer.