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Summer 2 Week 4 22/06- 26/06


  • Read and Respond daily activities on Purple Mash.  This week explore poems, stories and films themed around the air and flying. See the newsletter on how to find it or click the link below.
  • Summer 2 Week 3 Spellings on Purple Mash
  • SPAG focus:  Superhero Shopping Trip (prefixes) (Purple Mash)

Read a Book

Oxford Owl has a huge selection of free eBooks to read. Follow the website's instructions to create a log in. Ask an adult for help. It's completely free. Choose an eBook to read and email me a book review. What was it about? Who was your favourite character and why? Did you enjoy it? How many stars would you give it? Would you recommend it to a friend?

I would love to put all your Oxford Owl eBook recommendations in our class page gallery.


BBC Bitesize- This week focuses on turns, angles and lines. Click the link below to see the daily slideshows and worksheets from BBC Bitesize. You can check out White Rose Maths for home learning videos too.  

As usual, don't worry if you can't print off the worksheets. Write your answers in your exercise book.

MyMaths- I've also added activities on MyMaths for you to do this week. They focus on symmetry, angles and turns.

TTRS- Well done to everyone who is practising their times tables. Challenge myself or a friend to a 'Rock Slam' this week and keep levelling up by going on 'Studio'. 


This term our new Whole School theme is God's Promise and Covenant of a better, happier world with the symbol of the Rainbow.

Please work through the activities in the PDF (below) at your own pace this half term.


Pope Francis talks about looking after our world, in school we have a prayer table in the Hall about this, looking after our world, Laudato Si. 


This week:

  • Watch the animation and write down in bullet points all the ways Pope Francis says we can look after our world and draw a picture to go with each suggestion. Can you add any more ideas to your list? What do you do to look after our world?
  • There are also lots of Laudato Si activities on CAFOD's home learning page that you did for your home learning last half term. There's some really useful information for this week's R.E. on Laudato Si, so have another look at it.
  • Try some of CAFOD's weekly activities. This week is Summer of Hope- Water. Click the link below. 


Unfortunately, we can't fly anywhere at the moment. Where would you fly if you could go anywhere in the world? Research your dream destination and create a holiday brochure all about the things to see and do, where you can go and places to stay. 

Remember to stay safe online and ask an adult if you are unsure. 


Can you make your own flying machine?

In English this week, you'll be finding out about the Wright Brothers who invented the first flying machine.

  • Try to make a paper glider and a helicopter following the Science Museum Group's instructions. 
  • Time how long your machine can stay in the air.


Choose a Joe Wick's workout that you haven't tried yet and have a go!


Purple Mash- Game Design Competition

This is your last chance to enter and there are some great prizes. Make sure you read the instructions carefully.

Deadline: 26th June

I love the games some of you have created already!

BBC Bitesize Daily Lessons

A great website with activities for English, Maths and a foundation subject every weekday.

This week's timetable is available at

or daily on BBC Red Button from 9am to 11am, and again on BBC iPlayer.