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Top table!

Top Table for being Caring, chosen by Year 4 05.07.19

Headteacher's Award for 'Kindness' chosen by Reception Class ~ 09.11.18

Headteacher's Award for 'Showing Respect' chosen by Year 1 ~ 02.11.18

Headteacher's Award for 'Always being a good role model' chosen by Year 2, Friday 12th October 2018

Headteachers' Award 06.07.18 for 'Perseverance' chosen by Year 5

Headteacher's Award for 'Perfect progress throughout the year!' Chosen by Year 3! 🌟

Headteacher's Award 15.06.18 for 'Teamwork' chosen by Year 2

Headteacher's Award chosen by Year 1 for 'Good Manners' ~ 08.06.18

Headteacher’s Award for Marvellous Manners chosen by Year 4~11.05.18

Headteacher's Award for 'Being Responsible' chosen by Year 3 04.05.18

Headteacher's Award for 'Being a Good Shepherd' chosen by Year 1 27.04.18

Headteacher's Award for 'Using Our Talents' chosen by Reception Class 20.04.18

Headteacher's Award for 'Using our time to help other' chosen by Zach in Year 6 ~23.03.18

Headteacher's Award 19.03.18~ Being a good role model~ chosen by Year 5 πŸ˜ƒ

Headteacher's Award for 'Being polite to everyone' chosen by Year 4 09.03.18

Top Table for 'Enthusiastic Reading!' 02.03.18

Top Table Friday 23rd February for Sharing, chosen by Year 2

EYFS and KS1 Top Tablers for 'Sharing' (Friday 19th January) and for 'Friendship' (Friday 26th January)

KS2 Top Tablers for 'Sharing' (Friday 19th January) and for 'Friendship' (Friday 26th January)

'A great start back!' ~ 12.01.18

'Showing good manners to others'~ chosen by Year 4 - 8th December 2017

'Helpfulness' ~ chosen by Year 5 01.12.17

'Using our talents wisely' chosen by Year 6 (Beverley, Nara and Fatima) ~ 24.11.17

'Spreading Peace to Others' ~ 20.11.17

'Being a Good Friend' chosen by Reception ~ 13.11.17

Lovely Listeners chosen by Year 2 ~ 13.10.17

Chosen by Year 3~ Inspiring Independence 06.10.17

29.09.17 ~ Reading Everyday ~ Chosen by Year 5

Headteacher Award Friday 22nd September ~ Chosen by Year 5 for Handwriting

Headteacher Award Friday 15th September 2017...Being a positive role model

Head teacher award for Positive Attitude 8th September 2017