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Welcome to our Fantastic Book Awards (FBA) page!


The FBA is an annual book event designed to encourage children to read for pleasure. Children aged 9-11 are challenged throughout the year to select the story books they consider the best, through a range of creative activities.


The awards enable pupils to meet, discuss and share views about their reading in an informal way.


FBA is ideal for inspiring a variety of readers from reluctant to the more able.


The event runs from September to May.


See what our FBAers are doing this year!



This year, English Martyrs' are reading and choosing books from Group B...

Click on the books to find out more!



Drone Racer

Andy Briggs

Charlie Changes into a Chicken

Sam Copeland

The Clockwork Crow

Catherine Fisher

To the Edge of the World

Julia Green

Run Wild

Gill Lewis

Grandma Dangerous and the Dog of Destiny

Kita Mitchell


Choose one you fancy!

Please try to complete at least 1 activity per book, you can use Yammer to post, explaining which one you have chosen. Don’t forget to name the book and author too! (as well as reading and answering Yammer questions too of course!)



Send a message of congratulations to the author of a book you have really enjoyed and congratulate them on being selected for the Fantastic Book Awards! Remember to explain why you particularly liked the book.



Ask Mrs H about the 2 FBA competitions!


FBA Journey…

Write, draw and record all things FBA…doodles, questions, comments, reviews etc. Create a min film clip using an iPad and upload to Yammer talking about the book (you could do this in pairs!)


In Character…

Choose a character from the book and write down everything that you can find out about them: What clothes would they wear?  What they would wear on holiday? What they might eat? What their favourite book/film/song is (even if the book doesn’t tell you, use your INFERENCE skills from the texts to imagine!)


Trapped in a Lift…

Which character would you like  and not like to be trapped in a lift with? Why? Why not?


Where in the World?...

Describe the place where you would most like to read the book… on a desert island? Up a mountain? In the middle of a city? Write a postcard from there, describing the place, why you are there, how you like it and the book you are reading.


Movie Night…

Imagine your book is to be turned into a Blockbuster Film!

Who would play the main character roles? Why?

Where would the film be shot? Why?

How would the film differ? Why?

Use an iPad to create a trailer with your friend!


Photo Montage Competition Spring Term 2020

What did you think?


Use the link below to complete the survey each time you finish one of the books. 


Remember to ... honest

...use examples, quotes and explanations



Happy reading!


Post your Yammer comments and reading responses using this link!


Happy reading!