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Summer 2 Week 6 06/07- 10/07

Come back to this page on Monday 6th July for new home learning activities smiley


  • Read and Respond daily activities on Purple Mash.  This week


See the newsletter on how to find it or click the link below.

  • Summer 2 Week 5 Spellings on Purple Mash
  • SPAG focus:                   (Purple Mash)

Read a Book

Oxford Owl has a huge selection of free eBooks to read. Follow the website's instructions to create a log in. Ask an adult for help. It's completely free. Choose an eBook to read and email me a book review or a video of you talking about the book. What was it about? Who was your favourite character and why? Did you enjoy it? How many stars would you give it? Would you recommend it to a friend?

I would love to put all your Oxford Owl eBook recommendations in our class page gallery. 


BBC Bitesize- This week focuses on

Click the link below to see the daily slideshows and worksheets from BBC Bitesize. You can check out White Rose Maths for home learning videos too.  

As usual, don't worry if you can't print off the worksheets. Write your answers in your exercise book.

MyMaths- I've also added activities on MyMaths for you to do this week. They focus on


TTRS- Which times table facts do you find difficult to remember quickly? This week, I'd like you to practise these and try to learn them in and out of order. Then compete in the 'festival' on TTRS with your improved skills!


This term our new Whole School theme is God's Promise and Covenant of a better, happier world with the symbol of the Rainbow.

Please work through the activities in the PDF (below) at your own pace this half term.


Pope Francis talks about looking after our world, in school we have a prayer table in the Hall about this, looking after our world, Laudato Si. 


This week: