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Re-Opening March 2021


Wednesday 3rd March 2021


Dear Parents and Carers,


I hope this finds you all well.


As you all know following the Prime Minister’s announcement last week, we fully expect a full return to school from Monday 8th March 2021, for all children.


Over the last 10 days, I have worked with Governors, Staff, the Local Authority and the Diocese to ensure our re-opening is as Covid safe and secure as possible. I am sure many of you might be concerned or worried about sending your most precious possessions, your children, back to school, however, please rest assured, we have done everything, and more, to ensure school is safe, secure and ready.


The re-opening and new routines will not be too dissimilar to the Autumn Term. We are following the same staggered start and finish times using the same drop off and collection points.


I have now completed a list of Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs) which is on the school website: Covid-19 > Re-Opening. Please do read them and if there is anything I have not covered but you are wondering about, please do not hesitate to email me and ask. No question is too insignificant or small!


You will also find on the website under Covid-19 > Re-Opening our updated Risk Assessment. Please rest assured, we have taken appropriate measures to ensure everyone in school is safe and secure.


If, in the unfortunate circumstance, we have a positive case of Covid, either a child or staff member, I will be following the same procedures as the Autumn Term and will be closing the appropriate Bubble and notifying parents. Sadly, sometimes this can happen in the evenings, however, I will notify you as soon as I need to.


Please, please, please if you have changed phone number since December, please let us know so that our system us up to date. Thank you.


Below is a reminder of the timings for start and finish times and drop off and collection points. Please can I ask that you all observe social distancing as you drop off and collect your child. Preston does still have a high rate of infection and we need to do everything we can TOGETHER to reduce this so that we can all return to normal as soon as safe to do so.


As always, thank you for your continual support, what a 12 months!


This time last year, we first started hearing rumours of school closures for ‘a couple of weeks’ and now we are here, after some of the hardest 12 months ever for everyone. We could not, as a school family, have remained as positive, open or got through this without all of your care, support, kindness, patience and understanding, thank you everyone. There is the saying that things are sent to try us and I think we will all agree there have been times when each and every one of us has been tested and tried over the last 12 months, I certainly have! However, there is also the saying that every cloud has a silver lining. Certainly for me, the silver lining during this pandemic is the phenomenal way in which our WHOLE school family has pulled together, supported one another and been there for one another, whether it has been with a kind word, cup of coffee, a smile and being there when you don’t realise. The little things have indeed made the biggest impact. You have all been fabulous, I truly am a very lucky headteacher!


Please stay safe and I can’t wait to see you all very, very soon.


Kind regards,


Annalisa Howarth




Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)


We understand we all have many questions about returning fully to school on Monday 8th March, so we have gathered some of them together and hopefully answered them as best we can.


Click on our logo below to read our FAQs. 


If you have any other questions, please do not hesitate to either phone school or email


Frequently Asked Questions...