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Our Curriculum Offer at English Martyrs’ Catholic Primary School 




English Martyrs' Catholic Primary School Statement of Intent


At English Martyrs’ Catholic Primary School, we strive to be a caring, sharing and friendly school by treating every stakeholder as equals regardless of creed, background or social standing.

Within our curriculum, we ensure all children are prepared for life, with the skills they need to achieve, aspire and accomplish; meeting every child’s potential and their needs. At English Martyrs’ this includes meeting the needs of a very mixed community representing a broad range of socio-economic circumstances: a significant proportion of children with high needs and are disadvantaged; children living in high social deprivation, asylum seekers, vulnerable children and families who seek security and safety in our school family.


Our Intent is to meet these needs by...


…having Christ at the centre of the English Martyrs’ Catholic Primary School family and all that we do.
…establishing close links between home, school and parish to provide the best for all the children.
…treating every individual child as a unique and valued member of God’s family, so that respect for each other is centred on the Gospel values of justice, tolerance, peace and forgiveness.
…developing the talents of all pupils and prepare them for the changes, responsibilities and challenges of life.

…providing a curriculum that is rich and broad, with high expectations and a culture of challenge for all, including a broad curriculum offer for Blended Learning.

nurturing a sense of belonging by developing our responsibilities as citizens in the local, national and global community.
…by giving children opportunities to develop understanding and tolerance of all faiths, creeds and cultures including their own.
…by developing positive links between all stakeholders including the wider community.
…by working with parents in their role as first educators.


With Implementation by…

…by providing appropriate cultural capital so that no one is left behind

…planning and delivering a bespoke, exciting and enriching curriculum including extra-curricular activities ensuring there is provision of a rich variety of learning opportunities.

…planning and delivering a bespoke, exciting and enriching curriculum including Blended Learning opportunities.
…providing work for the individual child with appropriate challenge and differentiation to meet their own needs.
…using assessment, marking and feedback to inform, develop and enhance future teaching and learning so that each and every child can reach their full potential.
…providing professional development opportunities for all staff to develop.
…having challenge and high expectations in all we do.


As an Impact of this we see…

…well-rounded individuals.

…forward thinking and outward looking individuals.

…resilient, confident children who take sensible risks knowing they are capable and safe to do so.

…well-behaved, polite and well-mannered children and stakeholders.

…a culture of innovation, can-do and will-do in all aspects of school life, from all stakeholders.

…no child left behind through the Covid 19 Pandemic as a result of isolation

…improving results.


…learning without barriers.