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Social, Emotional and Behavioural Groups at English Martyrs'


Developing and Nurturing the Whole Child


As a Catholic School, living out the Gospel Values, at English Martyrs' we believe that it is our role and duty as educators to develop the whole child, academically and socially, to ensure that they have all the skills they need to reach their full potential. 


We have many different groups for pupils to develop their social, emotional and behavioural skills, which are led and run by highly skilled Teaching Assistants.


'The Snug' 

Here at English Martyrs' we recognise that all children have differing needs, both academic and emotional and social. As a result, we have developed 'The Snug'. In 'The Snug', everyone is welcome...those who need a bit of quiet time to concentrate, those who need a bit of TLC, those who need to be calm and relaxed to work, those who need a bit of relaxation in 'The Den'. Work takes place there, craft activities, social and emotional group...

There is only one rule...RESPECT... respect everything in The Snug, respect anyone else in The Snug and look after it! 



Rainbows Bereavement Counselling is a course of 12 group sessions for any child in school who has suffered any sort of loss: the death of someone close to them, a family member moving away, separation of parents, anything they feel 'lost' by. It is run by a selection of 9 highly trained Teaching Assistants and is run weekly. Sunbeams is the bereavement group we run for those children suffering from loss in EYFS. Click here for more info.                               


Wise Behaviours

This weekly group focuses on positive behaviour. One of our highly trained Teaching Assistants runs the group, focusing on good choices and positive outcomes. Children love the group and it has had a really positive impact on school life and in turn academic progress. 


Happy to Be Me

Happy to Be Me is a weekly group that builds self-esteem. It develops children's communication, social and sharing skills, developing positive relationships and images of themselves. It is run and led by and experienced Teaching Assistant.                                                                                   

Listening Skills

Our listening skills group is run by a very experienced Teaching Assistant. Children work on skills that enable them to become good listeners, listening to hear not to respond. They work together on tasks, talking about themselves in a positive manner, responding to each other, taking turns and sharing.           


Lego Therapy

Lego Therapy is a fantastic social skills group that we are running. It uses Lego and is run in groups of 3 to 4 children. In each group there is a 'builder', 'supplier' and 'engineer'. Children work together to build a Lego model, each taking an important role in its construction. Emphasis is placed on promoting positive social behaviour through interaction and collaboration. It is run and led by an experienced Teaching Assistant and children from all classes take part at different times each week.


Attendance Support

Attendance and Punctuality take a high priority at English Martyrs'. We have a Teaching Assistant who works with individual and groups of children to support them in attending school, breaking down the barriers which could prevent them from attending and also working with their families to support the whole family.



All these groups are flexible and run for short periods of time. Staff in class identify children they believe would benefit from the groups and liaise with our SENDCo and Teaching Assistants who run the groups. There is discussion between staff throughout to ensure children are benefiting and skills learnt are developed in all aspects in school life.

We have found that because of these groups, children are 'ready to learn' as they are able to manage feelings, emotions and behaviour.

They really are a success of our school!