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Year 2

Hello Year 2!


Miss Jeffrey is so proud of all the hard work you have done so far in the star area!


Work with an adult at home and practise what we have been learning :) 

This is a recap of what we have done so far: 




We have been writing simple sentences using a

capital letter and a full stop.

Re-write these sentences and add the

capital letter and full stop: 


i like working hard

it is sunny outside 

    we went to the shop  


We have also been using question marks. 

Add the ? to the sentences below that are question sentences.

(Remember question sentences usually have:

why, what, when, where, who or how are the beginning) 


I am hungry 

When is it lunch time 

How old are you 

That cat is black  





We have been partitioning (breaking up) 2 digit numbers into the tens and the ones and writing these new numbers. 


 23= 20 and 3 

54= 50 and 4


Can you partition these numbers into the tens and ones? 


67          82           35            71             88




We have also been counting up in tens:


10      20     30     40     50     60     70     80     90     100   




We now know that multiplication is 'groups of' a number. 


3 x 2 (three times two) 

We can do:


3 groups of 2 

o   o   o

o   o   o




2 groups of 3

o   o

o   o

o   o


Can you draw an array of groups for these sums?


2 x 4

3 x 3

5 x 2